“People who have trusted me so far have loved seeing their bodies transform, their strength increase, their abilities develop.”



I’ve always done a bit of sport more or less; a 2k run from time to time, pilates once every 2 weeks, a little strengthening workout in the evening in front of the TV, cardio like that from time to time… Then I started running a bit more, signing up for races. And that’s when I quickly realised that I needed to be much better prepared but also really supported in my preparation. But not just any old way. Not with just anyone. I didn’t want pressure. I needed kindness.

I met Frankie through my sports club. She had a different approach, based on feeling. She talked about something other than performance. I liked what she had to say straight away and I started my sessions.

She has this ability to listen to my needs, my doubts, my fears and my desires. She knows how to tailor the workout so it is ideal for my progress and in keeping with my physical condition. She adapts very quickly and varies the exercises. She has targeted the muscle groups I need to develop so that I can achieve my goals. Dumbbells, resistance bands, kettle bells, explosiveness, plyometrics, mobility, deep and gentle rebuilding, yoga, weightlifting! Without realising it, and above all without it being restrictive or difficult, I made progress! Always whispering advice to me about nutrition, recovery, before races… Always with a smile. Always listening.

Frankie certainly wasn’t ‘just anyone’!

I’ve been having individual coaching with Frankie for nearly 3 months now. She has also formulated a gym plan that I can follow by myself outside of our sessions together.

When I first started with her, I was nervous about going to the gym, didn’t know where to begin or how to use any equipement. From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable with Frankie; she is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. She pushes me to achieve my fitness goals and celebrates all my victories, big or small! Her sessions are varied and fun, expertly planned to your personal level.

She has also written me a personal nutrition plan, tailored to my food preferences, height and weight. Its an easy to follow plan, and combined with my individual coaching sessions is bringing me closer to my weight and fitness targets.

I look forward to my sessions with Frankie, and am enjoying having more confidence in what my body is capable of as I feel my physical strength growing.

Thank you Frankie!

I got referred by a friend to Frankie and I put off phoning her for ages as I found the idea of a coach really intimidating. I’m far from being a model student- 54 years old and spending most of my time sat at a desk!

There was a moment when I realized my strength had really gone down hill and this prompted the first text. Frankie got back to me quickly and we had our first chat which was extremely reassuring.

I now work with her twice a week with one to one coaching. She’s working around my weak spots while pushing me to improve and get stronger. She’s really knowledgeable about body mechanics so I feel very safe to try what she asks me to do. Ive been working with her for around 5 weeks and feel stronger, more energetic, and confident in pushing myself.

I sufficiently motivated that I also go to the gym twice a week as well and the exercises work really well when I’m traveling too- so no excuses!!

I do a distance program with Frankie 4 times a week. Frankie is very good at adapting the exercises to different situations or moments in which I train.

In addition, the fact that she constantly follows me through feedback makes the training constant and effective. Last thing and not least, Frankie knows how to tone your bum and abs with her challenges 😉

I definitely recommend training with Frankie!

It was in March 2021, without having really done any sport in my life or taken care of myself (cigarettes, alcohol, 120kg for 1m83 and 29 years old), that something finally clicked and it was a few months after I had slowly taken up running, swimming and a few good habits, in October 2021, that I had the chance to meet Frankie. I was immediately hooked because Frankie is passionate about sport and well-being in general, but she’s also genuinely passionate about people.

I wanted to move towards a jack-of-all-trades profile with highly functional training with a view to moving, jumping, swimming and flying.

What I didn’t expect was that Frankie carefully introduced me to a whole range of disciplines, from weightlifting to pilates, yoga, crossfit, trail running and callisthenics, breaking down the prejudices I had one by one, without realising it.

Today, I’m all-round in my progression, taking an interest in stretching, mobility and proprioception as well as the many cycles that enable me to work on all the qualities needed by an athlete (strength, endurance, volume, power, etc.).

All in all, it’s great fun, there’s never a dull moment and you learn something new every day!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a complete testimonial without mentioning Frankie’s state of mind, her constant good mood and her pertinent advice on every level (nutrition, well-being, state of mind, etc.).

I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve received in the almost 2 years we’ve been together 😊

Before meeting Frankie, I was a morbidly obese man in his mid 50s living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. I had tried to get fitter and healthier several times before but those attempts had always ended in frustration and/or injury. I had lost hope and had resigned myself to a life of slow decline.

I reluctantly signed up with Frankie after glowing reviews and much encouragement from two of my friends. At our first session, Frankie immediately put me at my ease. She was careful and patient and went to great lengths to assess my current level of fitness and to work within my limitations. Our first exercise was to safely transition from a standing to a kneeling position and back again. From those humble beginnings, Frankie helped me build strength and confidence. Within two months, she had me powerlifting!

I still have a long way to go but I have hope for the future and suffer far less from everyday aches and pains. Frankie’s kind encouragement gets me through the tough days and I can honestly say that she has changed my life. She has my wholehearted recommendation.

I started coaching with Frankie in May 2023 to work on my mobility problems and increase my physical fitness. The sessions with Frankie are always very focused on objectives. What’s more, Frankie is in a great mood, which makes the session a friendly and enjoyable experience. Today, I’m stronger, my mobility has improved and I’m continuing to make progress.

Having struggled with a cervical hernia for several years which made exercise of any kind difficult. I started seeing Frankie to help with rehabilitation. This is not an easy process as certain movements can result in debilitating headaches and the lack of exercise for the past couple of years meant that I’m very overweight.

Frankie’s patience and positivity has been amazing. Her readiness to adapt to my specific needs is brilliant. She has clearly researched ways to help me and I can feel my general mobility improving as a result. Several times now, we’ve had to re-set and start again usually due to over enthusiasm on my part. She is always very understanding and flexible in her approach as a result of this.

If you’d like to write me a nice recommendation too, you can send it to me via my contact form.