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Efibee coaching

Efibee coaching will bring you concrete, lasting results for your body and your health.

Either through individual or “Small Group” coaching, Efibee training sessions are tailored to you.

“Together, let’s optimise your mental and physical strength to push your limits.”

Efibee programmes can be followed remotely for strength and cardiovascular training, with optional nutritional advice for optimised performance.

Efibee offers several services for businesses, from team-building to health and safety workshops.

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What I can offer you


One-to-one coaching

Choose one-to-one sessions for training tailored to you.

Small group coaching

Training in small groups, with family or friends.

Efibee programmes

If you already work out, but don’t know how to get the results you want, choose a programme.

For businesses

Strengthen your team with sports and team-building workshops.

They put their trust in me

“The people who have trusted me so far have loved seeing their transformation whilst becoming stronger and developing their skills.”