Efibee programmes

Sports programmes

You already work out, but you’re not seeing the results you want, you’d like to be able to take advantage of Efibee’s training, but you’re not in the area.

Efibee works with many people remotely to programme weekly sessions, with custom follow-up and weekly reviews to help them achieve their goals (competition, running, weight training, etc.) quickly.


Adaptable options

The sessions are designed to incorporate as many ‘functional’ movements as possible, with a focus on your routine and the context of your professional or family life.

This formula allows you to train at a time that suits you,

while improving your mobility, strength, cardiovascular health and energy.

The minimum commitment is 3 months for personalised programmes.

Check out Mathieu and Catalina’s testimonials to see the positive impact!

Which option will you go for?

Non-tailored programmes

Efibee develops general programmes for smaller budgets, which are available to buy and follow on your own. Choose the gym or home option for a programme suited to you.


Nutrition advice

Efibee can also advise you remotely on your nutrition needs.

Sport and nutrition work side by side to help you perform, so it’s essential to assess your nutrition to optimise your performance and improve your health.